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Monday, May 19, 2014

Ciara Lake Mixing SCI FI with Romantic Suspense in Triaxen

CIARA LAKE'S THE TRIAXEN -- SIREN PUBLISHING [Siren Allure: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Romantic Suspense] Ancelin Trever is running from a nightmare. Her family brutally murdered, she runs to the new colony world, Verrian. Wild and untamed, this alien world is full of dangers she is ill prepared for. Haunted by her past, she's forced to trust a man she must struggle to hide her growing attraction from. Krevan Vallex is an embittered Triaxen recently released from Hellgate Prison Planet. When he negotiates a land deal, he has no idea that he's getting far more than he could ever imagine. Surrounded by the harsh brutality of a world without laws, Krevan is torn by his desire to remain alone and the burning passion he feels for Ancelin. When her past is uncovered and she's thrown into an old danger, Krevan must face his own emotional upheaval and risk it all to protect the woman he loves. ** A Siren Erotic Romance - Content Warning: graphic sex, some violence CHECK OUT THIS REVIEW BY JOYFULLY REVIEWED 5.0 out of 5 stars "If you love a good sci-fi read than you will want to add The Triaxen to your bookshelf (or reader).", By Amazon Customer - This review is from: The Triaxen (Siren Publishing Allure) (Kindle Edition) Ancelin is starting over on the remote new colony of Verrian. But in her haste to escape Earth and the tragedy that befell her there she doesn't do enough homework about this new lawless land she is heading to. But, when she contracted to live in Krevan's old house it might have just been the first break she has gotten. When Krevan takes one look at her he is intrigued and drawn to her. Anvelin can't believe the changes in the weather or the harshness of the Verrian landscape, or the men. When she sees Krevan she is immediately drawn to him, though he doesn't even know all there is to know about his race or his past. But, will she find her future in Krevan's arms? The Triaxen is a unique look into another world and this challenges that will bring to people. It also mixes in a potentially deadly race and intrigue in the fact that those who were after Ancelin's family have followed her to Verrian. I love how both Ancelin and Krevan grow and adapt to each other and their love as time goes by. I was intrigued by not only the premise of the story but the story itself. If you love a good sci-fi read than you will want to add The Triaxen to your bookshelf (or reader). Tanya For joyfully Reviewed

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