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Saturday, September 27, 2014

New N.N. Jackson

This blog features a new romance by N.N. Jackson... Miranda's relationship ends abruptly after she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her. She decides to leave everything, and goes to Italy for a summer holiday. She wants to get her mind straight, to find her inner peace, and strength. What she is not expecting is a mysterious, painfully good-looking Italian. She needed to reconcile. It was not even about a reconciliation with John. She needed reconciliation with herself, to forgive herself for the lousy ending. For lousy last 2 years of relationship. For trying to hold on to something that just wasn't there anymore. When she got under the shower, her eyes were open, but she wasn't really aware. She was deeply in a process of reassessment of her life. Of her youth. Of herself. John was probably just the trigger. There were more sinister emotions emerging, mostly occurring when she was really tired. Hatred, resentment, burning anger. But the worst thing was hope. Underneath it all, a part of her hoped they would be back together. Hope can really mess you up. Absence of hope can lead to accepting and letting go. But when there's a hope, and you're not even aware it's there, lying like a cat in the dark, then you have a real problem on your hands. ******************** It was not so much his face, although it was very appealing and tempting. It was the look in his eyes. So dangerous, yet very kind, so challenging but still very passionate. Miranda found herself unprepared for this. She was surprised by her own reaction to this... well, face it, a complete stranger. *********************** "I sense that your heart is filled with sadness, resentment, longing and, maybe even, unfulfilled promises." She wasn't sure if he really felt all that or if it's just a sleazy pick-up line. "How do you know all this, Marco?" He sounded sincere. "It's not that hard. I've been watching you, and what more, I've been listening to you talking. People's voices are a treasury of information. You just have to be open to it enough, and you will be able to hear what they are really saying. Once you do that, you become aware what's really underneath the surface." Miranda was silent, absorbing his every word, absorbing every move his lips made. Marco continued. "Resentment and suppression of emotions are poisonous. It alienates you from your soul. Not to mention, it adds wrinkles to your forehead!" Miranda loved the way he could be deep and funny at the same time. Find out more here!