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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Respect and Admiration: Why I Write Military Fiction

Canadian writer Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson shares some inspiration and her latest novel with us. Enjoy...

At night, when the quiet enters and my mind settles, I ask myself the question. My breath is deep and my exhale long and slow. I am tired, my eyes burn with the lateness of the hour and the knowledge that I am not yet done. Again, I ask myself the question. Through the fatigue and the strain, my eyes focus on the answer. They show me that what I’ve been working so hard for is no longer just a dream. At night, when the quiet enters my mind, I ask myself why I write. The answer stares back at me from my shelf. I write in the hopes that one day my work will help or inspire another in need.

I write military/suspense/romance novels because of my intense respect and admiration for our Warriors. It is within the pages of my works that I honor those brave men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice for their country and the civilians they protect. Without their inner strength and ability, our world could be a wounded shell of a former democratic reign. Blessed are we to live in countries where freedom prevails. My gratitude to those brave individuals who keep liberty standing strong runs deep. My need to give thanks in the only form I know how, takes me to dark places in the souls of our heroes. Our countries need to recognize just what the Warriors take on to allow us our complaints on more trivial matters. These men and women serve their country until the day they die. There is no retirement from the demons that haunt a wounded body and mind.

It is with utter respect and humiliation that I write for those who fight. I will tell their stories. I will walk in their shoes. I will offer my support. This is the least I can do. I wish it were more.

Life and Liberty - synopsis

Captain Dana Jenkins of the United States Army is about to embark on a mission that will change her life. This isn’t Dana’s first deployment, but it is proving possibly to be her last. As part of the platoon traveling from Camp Liberty, Iraq to Camp Taji, Dana’s convoy gets ambushed. She and the surviving soldiers are taken prisoner by the merciless Iraqi rebel group, Al-Moofoona. Their only hope lies in the hands of their fearless leader, Captain Jack Parsons—the man with whom Dana has fallen hopelessly in love.

Captain Jack Parsons can only sit and watch as what is left of his platoon is ordered into the back of a truck. Along with his men, they’ve taken the only woman he’s ever allowed to penetrate his heart. Jack is going to do everything in his power to save them all before it’s too late.

Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson is a freelance writer, e-book author and blogger. She is an avid military supporter, and writes military romance novels published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing. Along with her novels, she is currently working on a children’s picture book series with her daughter published by Great Minds Think Aloud Publishing. Lee-Ann is also a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild and the Canadian Romance Authors Network. She lives in Vancouver, Canada.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

(Hot) Vampire Romance - Beth Wright

Beth shares some hot passages from her adult paranormal romance series with us in this Writers' Blog. Enjoy.

Forbidden Soul Bond By: Beth Wright

Book One of my first adult paranormal romance short story series: A Vampire’s Burning Desire

She struggled to hold her emotions in check as his grin and eyes brought her body into a burst of flames. Her words came out in the form of a plea instead of a command, “Stop giving me that grin.”

He chuckled a little as her female scent drifted through the air. Her body’s temperature continued to rise as well as his need. One word managed to escape his lips finally, “Why?”

Maria’s breathe caught within her throat as she melted beneath his gaze, “Because, you should be mad, not happy to see me.”

His soft laughter instantly drew her out of the trance, “Baby, if a man has a woman all to himself, why would he be mad?” Mad is not what he was feeling at all, and he knew for a fact she was burning just the same.

Words of fire and desire lashed out at him, “You, Moron, we are in a cell. Not only that. You are chained to the wall.”

His eyes danced over her body as he stated in a calm voice, “That is true, but I love my view.”

A small gasp escaped her mouth as she shivered in pure delight. Then a vision of pure desire and need flew through her mind as she said, “How about I strip you down and dip you in chocolate. Then I will be the one loving the view.”

Soft laughter brought her out of her dreams as he stated, “Sounds good to me.”

She licked her lips before finally asking, "So you’re a vamp who wants to be dipped in chocolate?"

A wave of desire washed over him as her eyes burned brighter with need, "Only if you promise to get every inch of it off. Oh Sweet Jesus. I believe you would." He knew she would and with the bond they had together it would send nothing but pure magic through his body and soul to have her tongue wash over his body.

Instantly she snapped out of her dream of dipping and licking him clean, her words came out in a warning, "Watch it vamp, I just may do that and much, much more."

If he had a beating heart it would have been racing like mad right about then. "God help me, I just may have a heart attack."

A little bit about this story.

1. Justin is a hot vampire who just so happens to be trapped within a dungeon in another world. The best part is, he is chained to a wall ;) He loves to tease Maria.

2. Maria is a sexy young witch who has just started witch training. She knows what she wants but loves to play hard to get. They are both in the same cell.

3. If you have read any of my other stories then you will know who the enemies are and which planet they are on.

4. I want my fans/readers to learn as they read my books. That is why I am adding info in each book that other books may not show right away.

5. This story does have a vampire and witch in it but it also has other races that I have created with my own imagination 

6. Each of my stories has a life lesson in them. I will not tell you what it is. This is where you will be the one who needs to figure it out on your own while reading or once you’re done reading.

7. This is an adult series so it would be best for 18+ readers.

I also sell my books signed you can contact me by email or on my fanpage:!/pages/A-Vampires-Burning-Desire-Series/390324654318921

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask or talk to me :D
You can ask Beth questions right now by commenting below!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Battling our Doubtful Voices

I want to thank DB Dean for this excellent and creative blog which deals with our (often less than encouraging)
inner voices. I do feel DB is too hard on herself but I guess we have all been there.

Please comment below on the battle with your inner, doubtful voice...

I see the question “why do you write” asked often. New authors, old authors and those hoping someday to be authors are asked that question by interviewers, readers, family and friends. Why do you spend so much time working at something that may never be published? Why do you open yourself up to rejection and critique?

I ask myself this question every time I sit down to write. Writing time is time away from my kids and husband. It is time away from the gym (it’s the stories fault my butts so big!)…

But in the end, my answer is, I write purely for myself. This should make me happy no matter what happens to my writing.

But, even though I write just for myself, no editors, publishers or agents critiquing my every word, I still struggle. Each time I sit down at the computer, I hit this wall of self-doubt and fear.

You’re a writer, you know that doubt, that fear. You know the sometimes crippling thoughts that overwhelm you as you sit down to breathe life into your story. Overcoming the negative voices can take an act of God, some good medication or a healthy dose of fermented courage. Or you can play the sort of mind games I do each night.

Imagine a nice wood cabin in the mountains. There is a fire throwing up soft warm yellow light into a warm room of browns and greens. On the tables and book shelves are bright spots of flowers in vases, colorful yarns in wickers baskets over flowing alongside well-worn and cherished books. This is what I like to think the inside of my mind looks like. Silly I know, but it does help put me in the writing mood.

Sitting at the desk next to the bay window is a somewhat plump, curvy woman with long dark hair. She wears plaid pink pajama bottoms, fuzzy slippers and a tank top. Next to her, sitting on the edge of the writing desk is a tall slender woman, hair perfectly done up in a French roll. She has on a classic grey straight line dress, no sleeves, empire waist (the sort of thing a plump curvy girl could never wear), matching heels and clutch (for the boys reading this, I am told that’s a really small purse you can’t fit anything in but matches your outfit). She holds a martini glass in her hand and sneers down at the writer in pink pajama bottoms.

"Silly, silly girl, who would want to read that drivel. You are wasting your time. You will never be a writer..."

"But I love writing, it makes me happy. And I think I might be good at it."

"Good at it? You’re not good at anything. Okay, you can take care of babies pretty good, you pop them out like a pro, but you’re not really good at things that matter, darling."


This goes on for awhile...until SHE shows up. Her jeans are a bit tight; she is wearing a shirt much too low cut with cleavage exposed that would make the strongest of men weak. Her cowboy boots are worn and she has some mud smeared on the thigh of one leg from working in the fields. She has had too much of Gentlemen Jack over ice and her voice is a tad too loud.

"Hey prissy pants...shut the hell up and let the girl write."

"I beg your pardon."

Country girl turns to the plump writer, “Well bless her heart, I had no idea she was deaf…”

“I can hear just fine…it’s just a bit hard to understand you through that white trash accent”

"Let me translate…Get the hell out of here before I kick your ass....go on, get a move on. Go on."

She leans menacingly over Miss Priss who sighs dramatically, "Peasants", sashaying her perfectly toned butt from the room.

"Go on now girlfriend, get writing...the witch is gone....want some Jack? Okay, now tell me what happens next? Last time I was here, you had the main character about to get busy with the hot soldier..."


Yes, I know I have one or two issues. You could say that in fact I have the whole freaking subscription. But this post isn’t about my budding alcoholism nor my bitterness towards woman who look good in high wasted straight line dresses (my inner critic looking a lot like Jackie O, Audrey ah la “Breakfast at…” and every other movie star who embodies poise and perfection.)

I’m not going to impart some ancient wisdom about writing. I don’t have any real answers. I am not published, but I am a writer. Not an “Aspiring Writer” or “Future Author”. I am a Writer. Someday my words may grace the pages of a book on a book shelf, or perhaps be downloaded into the latest iPad…but that is not why I write.

I love to write. I love reading bits that I forgot I have written (perhaps because Gentlemen Jack was whispering in my ear) and thinking…damn that’s good. I love giving life to the crazy voices in my head. I write because I have no other choice; snotty Urban Socialists be damned.

D. B. Dean,

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Mother, Wife and Writer by Night

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