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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Identity Crisis of the Paranormal Kind - C A Anderson

Please welcome C A Anderson as she talks about her scary road to publishing and an even scarier scenario for her paranormal novel.

Six years ago I started writing a novel based on a nightmare. For four years, I worked on the book rewriting eight times until doubt stopped me. Then I had an idea, I’ll write a bunch of short stories. To prove to myself if I am a writer or not. So I wrote and I ended up fourteen short stories. Now I have doubt with fourteen piles of papers on my art room floor. Not all can be best sellers, so I picked three books to start rewriting. My daughter, boyfriend, and friends encouraged me to keep writing. I buried myself in these books. I tracked every step each character took, what they said, what the weather was like, and what was being done to them. I wrote for months in my cave of isolation. From time to time, I let everyone know my progress, and they kept encouraging me. But doubt was still with me after every rewrite. It came to the point that one book had had all the rewriting it could take. Then fear showed up, time to have someone else read it, a professional. Doubt, fear, and I sent it to an editor.

For six weeks I agonized over why I hadn’t gotten the book back, yet dreading the day I do get the book back. What if the editor says its garbage? What if the editor says I’m a hack, a phony, and I better keep my day job. I continue to work on the two other books while I waited with doubt and fear. Then the day arrived, that email was there. It was staring at me, daring me to open it. I was paralyzed. That email had the power to destroy me. Blast my hopes and dreams into small twitching bits on the carpet. I took me hours to raise the courage to open it. By dinner time I was done making excuses, time to find my courage, and open the damn thing. It was the best letter I could ever asked for. It contained everything I need to hear about my book, what was wrong, and what was right. I wasn’t going to implode, I was elated! After four weeks of correcting and rewriting, I sent copies to my friends to read. They all liked the book and encouraged me to publish. Three weeks later I self-published my first book and kicked doubt in the face. Don’t listen to fear and doubt, publish your damn book!

Stuart Mason, a traveling salesman is trying to get home in a storm. He is grateful when he finds a vacancy at the end of the strip. The Deco Hotel is feeling generous and allows Stuart to enjoy the grandeur of a bye gone era. That is until the previous occupants of room 309 come back. Stuart is mistaken for a mob boss and is forced to play out the murders that took place over seventy years ago. Stuart talked his way into that room, now he has to talk his way out.


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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mystical, Magical or Reality? New Caitlin Diggs reviewed!

When I began writing Caitlin Diggs's fourth novel, 9 Incarnate, I was fascinated with the idea of gods and aliens. Many who are familiar with Ancient Aliens are aware of the theories which propose aliens were mistaken by primitive cultures to be gods. Could this be the case with ancient Egypt? It would seem some kind of divine intervention or magic was cultivated to bring about one of the wonders of the world, the pyramids.

Could these magestic structures be the work of sole humans without the aid of precision capable tool making to not only cut the blocks perfectly but lift what appears to have been blocks of stone weighing megatons into place?

The answer may be contained in the pages of 9 INCARNATE when Agent Caitlin Diggs explores the mystery of the ancient world via the arrival of the Ennead, a group of gods claiming to be the ancient divine nine of Egypt. Well, except of course for Isis, who appears to have been residing within Caitlin due to a strange incident with a crystal.

The Wiccan FBI Agent Briana McFadden and fringe scientist Claude Brahms often spar in this book, each arguing for magic and science. McFadden believes nature was manipulated by the gods whereas Brahms believes the manipulation is only possible because of physics. In other words, blocks of stone didn't float into place by magical spells but because someone manipulated gravity via vibration.

I hope you'll come along for this crazy ride into Earth's past, present and probable future in 9 INCARNATE. See the first review below.

5 stars A very original fun read January 8, 2014 By Sheri A. Wilkinson

'Very original story line, I loved it! Caitlin Diggs is a preternatural investigator. She is investigating a murder and hears a voice in her head. She finds that she is one with the Goddess Isis. With the help of her friend Briana they set out to solve the crime and the mystery the Egyptian pyramids hold.

A fun read. I loved the blend of Egyptian Gods/Goddesses with the mortal world. Also the mystery and the originality of the story line. Caitlin was very likable, the situation she was put in, and the way she handled it was fascinating to watch unfold. A well written story I find all will enjoy.'