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Monday, December 9, 2013

Sarah Daltry & Geek Romance

Please welcome Sarah Daltry to the blog who is celebrating a new release 12/12/13!
Title: Backward Compatible Author: Sarah Daltry and Pete Clark Genre: Geek Romance

Blurb: Not too long ago, in a town that, depending on your current location, is either not super far or actually quite close… It is a time of chaotic hormones. Two nerdy gents home for winter break have discovered a female gamer at a midnight release. During the break, the gamer trio manages to reveal the game’s secret boss, a hidden enemy with enough power to destroy anything in its path. Pursued by other gamers who want to be the first to beat this boss, George and Katie race to level up, and, in so doing, restore decency and sexual activity to their personal galaxy…

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“These graphics suck,” George says and I look back at the screen. We’re standing in the middle of the Estate, colorful orbs quivering ahead of us. We each have to choose our starting advantage. Waterfalls shimmer in the distance and the sunlight streams over multicolored stones in the courtyard. “Amateurs,” Lanyon concurs. “I mean, they couldn’t have five waterfalls?” “Your ironic wit is mind blowing, but choose your damn orbs,” I tell them. I consider. Magic, defense, offense, stealth, and charisma. I always go for magic as a black mage, but I wonder if a druid needs something else. Screw it. I need charisma in real life, too. “Charisma?” Lanyon asks. “No one ever picks charisma.” “We’re a party of a thief, druid, and a bard. We’re screwed regardless.” “You two underestimate the mighty power of my lute,” George argues. “Did you start with charisma?” Lanyon asks. “Hell, no. I have charisma in spades. I started with stealth.” “Great. A stealthy bard,” I sigh. “She’s right,” Lanyon concedes. “We’re screwed.” However, it actually isn’t bad at all at first. We power through the Estate and make it to the Yobanaria Dale with no resurrections and all at level ten. I’m impressed. George hasn’t actually fought anything, but he has some pretty awe-inspiring charm mastery already. I think I might have a serious crush. He seals the deal when he buffs my hailstorm spell without even being asked. “Can you guys watch El Thiefelo? My mom wants me to eat supper,” Lanyon says. “Yeah, we’ve got it,” I tell him. “The first boss is in the elven ruins anyway, so we should grind a bit. I think he’s a twelve.” George and I explore the Dale, taking out bats and Joba spores. It’s fairly quiet, except for when we combo with his charms and my spells and he yells out, “Eat lute, bitch,” but it’s nice. We work well, almost inherently understanding each other. I’ve never been able to play this effectively with anyone. I try not to think about his eyes. Stupid boys, being cute and stuff. By the time Lanyon comes back, we’re all at level 12, although Lanyon leveled up just by standing by a door while we played. Still, we are ready to take on Balsa the Proud. As a black mage, it took me about nine seconds. Trees don’t like fire. However, druids don’t have the same level of black magic and all elemental magic is weakened by the need to draw from the elements nearby. Sadly, trees seem to avoid storing fire runes in their villages. I expect this to be a little more challenging. It might even take fifteen seconds. “First boss. Also known as the freebie bitch to sucker the young folks into a false sense of security,” Lanyon announces as he runs into the center of Balsa’s lair. The cinema plays and then, in a moment of pure absurdity, El Thiefelo is squished as Balsa steps on him. “Can someone revive me?” Lanyon whines.

About the Authors: Sarah Daltry: Sarah Daltry writes about the regular people who populate our lives. She's written works in various genres - romance, erotica, fantasy, horror. Genre isn't as important as telling a story about people and how their lives unfold. Sarah tends to focus on YA/NA characters but she's been known to shake it up. Most of her stories are about relationships - romantic, familial, friendly - because love and empathy are the foundation of life. It doesn't matter if the story is set in contemporary NY, historical Britain, or a fantasy world in the future - human beings are most interesting in the ways they interact with others. This is the principle behind all of Sarah's stories. Sarah has spent most of her life in school, from her BA and MA in English and writing to teaching both at the high school and college level. She also loves studying art history and really anything because learning is fun. When Sarah isn't writing, she tends to waste a lot of time checking Facebook for pictures of cats, shooting virtual zombies, and simply staring out the window. She has written several books, most notably Bitter Fruits, an urban fantasy in the Eden’s Fall series, and the Flowering series, including Forget Me Not, Lily of the Valley, and Star of Bethlehem.

Pete Clark: Pete Clark likes writing, animals, potato chips, and cheese. Midnight Riders is his first published novel, although he can also proudly say he finally finished Helix Crashing, the fantasy novel he has been working on for over a decade. In addition, he has written Across the Barren Landscape, a collection of linked Western short stories. He also writes plays, both dramatic and comedic. When he is not writing, Pete tends to ignore everyone around him and obsess over sports.

Social Media Links: Sarah’s Website: Pete’s Website: Sarah’s Facebook: Pete’s Facebook: Sarah’s Twitter: Pete’s Twitter:
Top More than Ten: Sarah’s Favorite Video Games: 1. Borderlands 1 and 2 2. Fallout 3 3. Persona series 4. Eternal Darkness 5. Silent Hill series 6. Final Fantasy series 7. Skyrim 8. Dragon Age series 9. Mass Effect series 10. Fable series 11. Bioshock series 12. Magic: The Gathering 13. Perfect Dark 14. Heavy Rain 15. LA Noire 16. Parasite Eve 17. Catherine 18. Zuma

Friday, November 29, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jennifer Raygoza's Guardian II set for Halloween release!

An impending Halloween release promises paranormal turbulence as a vampire queen rises again in Guardians II. Please welcome Jennifer Raygoza and sign up for her FACEBOOK EVENT below...

The Guardians II The Revelation is my second book written. I wanted to make sure that in this book you could see the characters grow. I wanted to also reach back and dig into their past so you could get a sense of the struggles that they have went through. Writing this book was a lot tougher then the first book in terms of that I felt I had to make this better. I reached down and pulled the souls out of some of my characters and these are vampires so you can imagine how hard that was. I enjoyed exposing my characters it made an enjoyable read during editing. I hope you guys do too.

Jennifer Raygoza Author of The Guardians- Vampire Novel

Release date 10/30/13


Official website -

Online release event-

It has been three years since I have turned, and I am not sure who I am anymore. I don't even know if I want to be what I have become. Is love enough to keep me alive inside even if I am dead? How can I find peace within myself when everything around me screams war and death? How will things end when one man holds my eternal love and another wants me dead? There is no end as far as I can see. It’s just the beginning because I can feel the darkness approaching. It wants me. It calls for me by name. I will keep on fighting until it arrives. The problem is, if I don’t learn to shut off my emotions I may just become my own worst enemy. Is it all too much, or not enough? These are the things a vampire queen, new mother and woman fighting with her past human morals must ask herself. I have one more important question to answer that could change everything. IS THIS REALLY WHAT I WANT?

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Freshest Hell...Dark Paranormal!

Guest blog by This Freshest Hell author Natasha Ewendt...

“I may be a creature of hell. But you will know hell long before I do.” – This Freshest Hell
Hi there. I’m an Australian author with Lacuna Publishing. My debut paranormal dark fantasy/horror novel This Freshest Hell is now on sale worldwide. I started writing This Freshest Hell on Friday the 13th of July, 2007. What better day to start a paranormal horror novel than Friday the 13th? As with most speculative fiction books, it started with a “What if?” question: What if there was a demon that could grant you a death wish? And what if that death wish went horribly wrong? That’s where the idea of Arachine, the spider-hell god (loosely based on Arachne of Greek mythology) came from. Then came the main characters Lily and Maggie, the psychically gifted misfits who stumble upon an incantation to summon Arachine, and then have to deal with the bloody consequences ten years later. It takes a vampire twist, but it ain’t no Twilight. There are no influences in here from any of the recent vampire books, movies or shows, as either they didn’t exist when I wrote the book or I hadn’t heard of them, so fear no regurgitation! It’s all original, plucked from the darkest depths of my own brain. At the time of writing TFH I was far removed from vampire pop culture. Buffy had been off the air for years, and the Twilight phenomenon was a couple of years off. So I was well placed to write something new and unique with no influences. The result is something quite dark, disturbing and compelling. Yes, there are vampires. There are werewolves, demons, gods, ghosts, snake deity vamps, hybrids and all-new monsters. But This Freshest Hell isn’t just about the horror; it’s about the darkest reaches the human psyche can reach. TFH is a powerful exploration of the dark side of human nature and the search for life’s meaning. My aim was to target the outsider. I wanted Lily and Maggie to be a voice for the disenchanted, for those who don’t fit in and don’t want to. And I wanted the book to be darkly honest and even nihilistic to keep it real. It goes to some pretty dark places, but the darkness and supernatural aspects are balanced by irreverent and at times blasphemous humour. If you enjoy edgy books in the Anne Rice vein (pardon the pun), TV shows like Being Human, or movies like Interview with the Vampire and Donnie Darko, you’ll enjoy This Freshest Hell. 5-star review excerpt: “Loved it. Didn't see the twist coming at all. And that ending - holy hell! An intelligent novel, it reads at first like a YA coming of age, but it becomes so much more. I saw shades of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s Let the Right One In though the pacing is snappier.”

See below for synopsis and excerpt. Sink your teeth into This Freshest Hell at: Connect on Twitter @NEwendt, Facebook, or on Goodreads

Synopsis: Dark secrets shared … Dark spells invoked … Death desired and death defied … Goth Maggie and misfit Lily unite against school, family, society, normality and life itself. But can they fight the darkness within? When the demon world claims them, revenge and blood lust become literal matters of life and death. A new darkness tests their relationship with the world – and each other. Excerpt from Chapter 17 (Spoiler alert): Lily looked up at the sky as she and Maggie trawled new streets in search of prey. Thin wisps of cloud bathed an ocean of stars, the grey mist crowning a full moon. Suddenly, Maggie stopped at a cathedral. Her face fell. Lily recognised that look. She’d seen it in the mirror often enough. Maggie was replaying bad memories. Maggie looked up at the dark stone with sickness in her eyes. “That church looks kind of like the one I was abused in.” She turned sharply, like a predator sensing prey. “He’s here.” “What? Who?” “Minister Hirst.” “You mean …” “Yes.” Face like stone, Maggie ascended the church steps and pushed open the huge heavy doors. Lily followed, her breath quickening in anticipation – of what, she wasn’t sure, and she dreaded to even think. There was movement in a dimly lit office at the back. Maggie walked toward it, boots echoing. A small tubby figure emerged from the office. He scratched at the mop of thinning grey hair that made him look like a frayed Franciscan monk as he threw an impatient glance their way. “You’ll have to come back tomorrow. I’m about to leave.” He went to head back to his office. Maggie kept walking. “We need to ask you a question. It’s a matter of life and death.” He stopped and turned around slowly. His frown unfurled into fear as an imposing Maggie came closer. She stopped in front of him. “Does the name Margherite Marcelli mean anything to you?” His bulbous eyes darted in evasion. His nostrils flared nervously, ex-panding feathery red veins. He turned and tried to scurry away. Maggie moved swifter than his human eyes could see to block his path. He backed into a wall like a helpless animal cornered by a beast, eyes bulging under Maggie’s laser gaze. “I r-really need to be gone,” he stuttered. “I can help you with that.” She slid a hand to his neck. The minister perspired, anxiously clenching and unclenching his clammy hands. “There’s cameras.” He pointed fretfully toward the ceiling, hand aquiver. “No bother. It will make for intriguing viewing. Ironic. I wanted to be a film-maker. Now I don’t even show up on film.” Maggie’s serrated smile shone like silver. She laughed at his bug-eyed look of dread as he saw her fangs. He tried to edge away, desperation paling his jowls. “It wasn’t me. It was the demon. Satan took control of me and … Jesus saved me.” Maggie forced him further against the wall. “That’s what they all say when they’re trying to get out of prison. But some prisons you can’t … ever … leave.” Chapter 18 The minister clutched at his chest with a gasp. Maggie seized him roughly by the shoulders. “Oh, no. You’re not hav-ing a heart attack before I even start.” In a lightning motion, she lifted him high and threw him into a wall. The smashing of bones ricocheted through the cathedral like broken glass. Maggie was across the room and standing beside him before he even hit the ground. She knelt down, looking satisfied to see the impact had in-stantly contused his aged skin. “Shattered ribcage. Sorry about that. I was aiming for your skull. Looks like I’ll have to keep trying.” Lily ducked as the airborne minister hurtled toward the altar, crushing it on impact. Adrenaline surged like mercury through Lily’s bloodstream. Though disturbed by the brutality, she wanted to help Maggie. And she real-ised with self-disgust that part of her desperately wanted to see this man suffer. She stiffened at the smell of blood. He was coughing it up all over the altar. Maggie leaned over the minister, admiring the blood pouring over the remains of his sacred podium. “Liquescent entrails. Kinda like viscera soup. How does it feel?” She clapped a hand on his shoulder. A scarlet spatter spilled down his jaw as wails drowned in his sodden throat. “Shh,” Maggie whispered. “We can’t have anyone else join this party. It’s an exclusive reunion.” She yanked a remaining tuft of hair, lifting his head to thrust her hand inside his mouth. A scream died in its first strain as Maggie pulled, opening her fist to re-veal the pink stump of his tongue. She released it to the floor like an empty can as blood seeped from his mouth. Fluid sobs wracked his chest, tears trickling over waxy purple jowls as he covered his mouth in an attempt to stop the blood flow. Red rivulets spilt over his useless hand. Maggie raised her fist and delivered a grievous blow, sending a hae-matic spray flying from his mouth. Then she grabbed his hand and slowly uncurled his fat fingers, drinking in his horror as she bared her teeth and sank them into his palm. The minister trembled, unable to scream. Then Maggie dropped his hand. Lily wondered why Maggie hadn’t drunk. Then she realised – once she started, she wouldn’t be able to stop, and she wanted to play with her prey a little longer before the death knell. He began to flail. Maggie snapped her fingers, shattering his leg bones. His body splayed like liquid. She grabbed his left hand and pressed a heel into his elbow until a clean crack resounded, then did the same with the other arm. He sank in a pile of fractures. Maggie crouched beside him. “See what you made me?” She searched his eyes as if looking for remorse, or at least revelation. But there was only mortal fear and sparks of impending death in the pale grey irises. Maggie frowned. “Face what you made.” He tried to avoid her stare. “Have the courage to face what you made!” Her voice bellowed through the cathedral. The minister froze, slowly raising petrified eyes. Maggie dragged a fingertip through the blood on the floor and held it up, dripping. “I may be a creature of hell. But you will know hell long before I do.” She stood. “I could drain all the blood from you right now.” His head shook in hysterical mute pleas. “The thought disgusts me.” Maggie flicked his blood off her hand into his face. “Rather than feed on your filth, I’ll leave you here. Paramedics should control the bleeding. A few months in hospital might fix you. Plenty of time to wonder when I’ll come for you again. I will always know where you are. And it’ll make me slightly euphoric to know you live each day in fear of when you’ll see me again. Just like I did with you.” Lamplight illuminated her chilling leer as she loomed over her oppressor. The minister slumped, clearly about to lose consciousness. Maggie grabbed his hand and mercilessly wrenched him upright into lucidity. Then, looking satisfied with her reign of terror, she turned and began to walk away. Lily went to the office and fetched the phone to dial the ambulance ser-vice. Suddenly, Maggie paused. She held up her hand to Lily. Hesitantly, Lily ended the call. Maggie faced the weeping, mangled heap. “On second thought, I don’t think hell should wait. And I want to be the one to send you there.” She looked from the quaking shape to the giant cross above the ruins of the altar, and smiled. With a flick of Maggie’s hand, the minister was thrown from the floor to the cross. His rag-doll arms were pulled straight in a crucifixion pose. The altar wreckage quaked as Maggie’s powers drew out all its huge nails until they hung in the air, poised and aimed at the minister. Maggie held him in terrified thrall, taking clear delight in the minister’s begging expression. She watched with cold fervour as he quivered like a guillo-tine victim waiting in a standstill of time for the blade to fall. His glassy eyes spewed final tears. Then with a dark smile, Maggie gave another flick of her hand. The nails shot like bullets into his arms and legs, pinning him to the cross. Then, just as Lily thought Maggie might leave him there to die, Maggie clicked her fingers – and turned the minister inside out. Lily gasped and turned away as the minister’s insides splattered onto the floor. Maggie stood for a moment, as if taking in the sight of justice served. Then she calmly walked out. Lily followed, finding Maggie standing on the steps. Silence reigned as though the nightmare – and dream – had never happened. Eventually Maggie spoke. “Nothing like extreme closure.” She looked strangely at peace. “All my life I’ve lived in the house he built. The mental prison he created. I used to dream about this day. But I never could have done what I just did as a mortal.” Lily nodded. “I couldn’t have killed Troy as a human. We’re different now.” A strange calm stemmed her contrition, like cauterisation, like Valium – like justice. <br>

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Sexy, Suspense of Angelic Artiaga

Angelic Artiaga has some sexy, suspense novels she would like to share with those who dare.

Reviews: “Unflinchingly realistic...another stunning achievement.” –Cosmopolitan “Beautiful and exciting with a hot and electric twist.” – Entertainment Review Indulge in a double-dealing of seduction at its finest! Enjoy two sexy adventures that are filled with provocative pleasures.

First~ Take a Caribbean cruise to ecstasy with an unsuspecting Terrance, a newly single and horny man who finds himself caught in the sites of beautiful and sultry strangers. On vacation and celebrating his new found freedom from his ex-wife, he is ready for whatever the wind blows in his direction. But when he realizes that he has been hunted, targeted, and that a trap has been set; will he think twice about what to do next or will he throw caution to the wind and gladly swallow the bait?

Next ~ A sexy young bride is constantly left home alone while her workaholic husband spends most of his time at his job site. Forced to face her twisted fears of invisible things that go bump in the night, her imagination drives her to the land of insanity. Terrified of every sound and shadow in her big house, what will she do when one of those shadows comes to life? In a provocative and violent fight for her life, she finds herself standing at a Sinfullicious crossroad; one road leading to immortality, and the other to the dignity of a wife.

And then~ FIRST TIME EVER!! A BONUS FEATURE LIKE NO OTHER! A book with a sexy MOVIE at the end! #SINFULLICIOUS 1-CLICK NOW ~ THE WAIT IS OVER Angelic Artiaga ~ #Sinfullicious is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon Show some love ... Don't forget to drop a review!!!

I also have a blog -- "The Quality of Life is Only as Good as the People in it..." Ciao, Angelic

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Romance in different Realms & Genres - Jennifer Sage

Here's a chance to take a peek at Immortal Dreams- Releasing worldwide 9-6-2013, Fantasy/Romance.

“I used to be a fairly average, normal girl. Well, almost normal anyway. Except for the freaky acts of nature that tried to annihilate every man that touched me. Could things get any worse than that? Ha! Just a wee bit. Enter my world, where everything has just turned from a completely sane existence to a half fantasy and half nightmare life. One consistency about it all is the inconsistency in which it's all playing out. Sure, most of you would be begging for two perfectly chiseled, immortal men to be groveling over you but I’ve only got ten days to decide between them. Make that nights actually since I can only get to them in my dreams. And it just so happens that this decision could somehow change all the worlds but don’t ask me how, no one can really tell me anything about this damned curse that’s been placed on me. Yes, that ‘worlds’ was meant to be plural. You see, this isn’t the only world that there is. That was a huge shocker for me too, believe me. Yesterday I was oblivious and happy, thinking about my life at the University and my twenty-second birthday without a care in the world. Singular on ‘world’. Today everything is quite a bit different. I can see things that weren’t there before, things that I don’t necessarily want to see. You wouldn’t either, trust me. No matter what your heritage really is, nothing can truly prepare you for this kind of pressure. Thanks Mom, it really would’ve been nice to know about mine before now. And please don’t even get me started on all the myths about faeries! Word of advice though; Don’t EVER call them that.” "Gotta run. There are some seriously ugly creatures in my backyard getting off on the fantasy of my death and Amele is going to kill me if I don't lay down and take a nap. I don't really want to. I would much prefer to be fighting out there with her than going off to either realm and being driven mad with lust and lies. Ah, but what else can I do? Sometimes we have to accept our fate and hope we make the right choice. Mine could have some pretty dire consequences, or so I've been told. Besides, there's plenty of time to hone my new fighting skills when I wake up. There's also plenty of steam to burn off by then too!" About the author: Like any author, you can find pieces of my soul in my words and within the worlds created from the canvas of my mind. I love everything medieval even though my stories are fantasy/ paranormal urban romances. I love reading, writing, family time, movies, cooking, playing, great wine and stimulating conversation...not necessarily in that order. Keltor is my third published book however it is off the shelves as I seek representation for the series. Writing and editing is done in my, eh hem, spare time and as a single mom and full time employee in the financial world, it thrills me that I’ve managed to do any of this. When I write, I never know how the story is going to really end. Always an HEA, but as the characters, world and plot develop it feels as if it’s no longer me writing the story, but my characters themselves. Available for purchase Sept 6th 2013 is the new and improved version of Immortal Dreams, now under contract with a publisher. A month later the release of Immortal Bound will take place, also revised for publication under contract. Keltor is available for ARC reviews only while I seek representation. You can see the wonderful feedback for all my books at any major retailer or on If you are a blogger or just an avid reader with a goodreads account please message me for more information. Thank you for the support and happy reading!
Website: Facebook: Twitter: Goodreads:

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Vampire Mythology by GL Giles

I am happy to welcome back GL Giles to the Writers' Blog. She has a brand new YA Fantasy release to tell us about.

Take a both fun-filled and treacherous ride into the waters surrounding the peninsular city of Charleston, South Carolina with G.L. Giles’s water vampires. Slake your thirst for different vampire species and subspecies at the same time! On dry land, you’ll also experience a part of... Charleston, South Carolina (set primarily in the 1980s)---from White Point Garden to The Battery to the surrounding marshes, complete with plough mud and fiddler crabs---atmospherically rich with the inherent tapestry of the Carolina Lowcountry and then embellished with a healthy dose of dark fantasy! With several species of vampires in the mix, conflicts naturally arise. Add to that, some of the various species of vampires, as well as some of the humans, also have potentially fatal run-ins with some of the specters and shape-shifters found in this young adult novella as well. More than just peppering the plotline are the mostly human protagonists, Robyn and Marion, who are like contemporary versions of Robin Hood and Maid Marian in many ways---that is, with Robyn being a female and Marion a male in Giles’s mythology---and the ‘young love’ version to boot, as they’re middle school kids. Yet, unlike other children their age, they have special ‘gifts’ and a lot of responsibility for those so young in years. You see, they have the distinct burden, squarely placed upon them, of being the only ones who can save their older counterparts from another place and time: Setiana and Vasario.

Upcoming appearances: 

I'll be appearing on "Lowcountry Live" (WCIV-TV ABC News 4) on August 6th (2013). I'll be attending Dragon Con in Atlanta with fellow BlackWyrm Pub. authors from August 30th through September 2nd.


 “Water Vamps is one of the most clever supernatural stories I’ve read in years… only the singular mind of GL Giles, in all her guile and wit, could have come up with the idea of aquatic vampires who behave like the sirens of yore. As wildly out to sea as the premise seems, Giles’ rich, warm, and emotional writing style manages to make everyone seem so real, and our young ...protagonists, Robyn and Marion, are as grounded and substantive as can be. Water Vamps is a truly unique, engaging story – the sort of which makes GL Giles the worthy successor to the authors of my childhood (Ursula K. Le Guin, Madeleine L’Engle) and will certainly earn her place in the canon of today’s most imaginative and engaging emerging fantasy authors.”

Staci Layne Wilson, author of DARK LULLABY and co-host of Inside Horror

“G. L. Giles once again brings vampires to life, this time in a young adult novel spanning centuries, dimensions and death. Giles' tale of protagonists Robyn and Marion includes all the usual suspects one expects from a good horror tale; vamps and werewolves, romance and loss, life and death. Mixing these ingredients with a brand new revisionist spin, Giles creates a world familiar yet astonishingly different from similar young adult fare. Giles has not forgotten what it is to be twelve. Armed with this knowledge, she lures readers in with interesting characters and daring messages not mired in traditional fantasy tropes. Giles cannily circles the familiar before transforming her tale into something entirely new. Water Vamps is a tale of tolerance and understanding, written in descriptive, engaging prose.”
Will Colby, reviewer at KillingBoxx
“A good storyteller shows the 'human' in the alien creatures, in this case water vamps, and the 'alien' in the humans and GL Giles' “Water Vamps” lives up to a great fantasy tale because of it. A new kind of vampire is created in Water Vamps and Giles fascinates readers with those differences. It is not just blood sucking vamps but a kind of species that lives in water and behaves sometimes similarly to sirens. These creatures live by a set of rules - ones you probably haven't encountered before - and these codes are mirrored in the young lives of the human protagonists. Targeted for young adults, the depth of the story easily catches adult readers in its snare as all good fantasy/fairy tales do."

Gary Starta, author/reviewer and a ‘Top Ten Finalist in 2010’s Preditors and Editors Poll for Science Fiction’

“I was thrilled when I read about the Water Vamps that Giles created…every author needs to come up with a new twist that makes their vampires unique and memorable. With vampires seen as a species, Giles has definitely done this overall, but then she takes it a step further by creating an entirely new species that seems a little like a mermaid, a little like a siren, and all vampire!...Their story [is told in] “Water Vamps,” and it will slake the thirst of anyone wanting to know more. Giles weaves a tale of intrigue and gives us a glimpse of the underwater world of the Water Vamps, and the history and origins behind these beautiful and dangerous creatures is truly unique!...We get to interact with these creatures on a more personal level: they go to school, have spelling and vocabulary tests, have to deal with their parents and even crush on each other. In this sense, we get to see the more ‘human’ side of the water vampires and see that the youth water vamps are similar to the human heroes, Robyn and Marion. Written for young adults, the main characters are children, and the adults are secondary to the story, which will appeal to any young adult. Robyn and Marion understand each other, and they (like the water vamps) have to deal with all the things children deal with, despite their unusual gifts. Even without these gifts, Robyn is a role model for any young female with her strength of character, respect for adults (at least those who deserve it) and her loyalty to Marion, who deserves his own credit for his loyalty and friendship…In the end, even the water vamps come to be [those] we can relate to and accept in this thrilling ride into the waters of Charleston, South Carolina.”

Deanna Anderson for Target Audience Magazine

“G.L. Giles has written a YA book worthy of a closer look by young adults and adults of all ages. Her stories read like a welcome canteen of water when one has been in a desolate literary desert for too long. Let’s face it. One can’t throw a stake without hitting one of the many vampire novels out there these days. With Giles’ book however, one hits a rich vein of gold or perhaps in this case, blood and, as every vampire knows, the life is in the blood. The life blood of “Water Vamps” is in the talent of such a gifted writer as Giles. Such are the literary riches one finds in “Water Vamps.” If you love vampires, you are in for a rare treat. The most intriguing thing about her Water Vamps is that they are a fantastic and wholly unique twist on the vampire myth. Even if vampires are not your cup of tea (or goblet of blood) you will be engaged by Giles. It is her skillful writing style, engrossing narrative and some of the most interesting characters in all of literature that brings delight to the reader. I absolutely love the biracial storyline with Robyn and Marion. With this, Giles doesn’t merely tell a story. She digs deeply into the human consciousness, bringing out old modes of thinking and revealing them in the light of day, inviting the reader to expand his or her mind. This is story-telling at its best. The most important thing I can say about this book is this: Best twist on the vampire mythos ever.”

Evelyn Smith, author of “Transylvania, Louisiana” and “City of the Undead,” for Eviesite (WordPress Blog)

“G.L. Giles creates a delightfully original vampire mythology in her young adult book Water Vamps. The main characters Robyn and Marion (aptly named after the literary adventurers Robin Hood and Maid Marian) engage in their own adventure involving Water Vampires, a complex hybrid of ravens and mermaids—with teeth! Giles celebrates the unconventional in numerous ways throughout the book, which any vampire-lover will embrace whole-heartedly. Her compelling tale follows the burgeoning young romance between Robyn and Marion which leads to their dangerous encounter with the Water Vamps. Giles mixes her unique history of vampires and the background of Charleston, South Carolina, creating a fully absorbing fantasy tale. Together, Robyn and Marion discover a pair of deceitful adults and a perilous, hungry species who are more than they appear to be on the surface and with whom they have more in common than they realize.”

Bryce Warren, author of “Voodoo Mayhem”

"GL Giles delivers a new concept to an old tale noteworthy of a fictional television documentary. Her descriptions of her characters lend charm and mystery to the history of how vampires have always been perceived. I think Stoker would be well pleased to see this 'new breed'."

Rena Short Brashear, Reviewer
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The I.T. Girl by Fiona Pearse

I welcome Fiona Pearse who talks about her new release!
Synopsis: The I.T. Girl
Orla Hanlon is new to London and CouperDaye, a global investment bank. When she takes on a high-profile project and buys her first home, with love on the side, she thinks she has everything under control as usual… until a bug in her code causes chaos on the trading floor. Suddenly finding herself a scapegoat in a political game, Orla must fight to save her career, love and her new life in London. How far would you go to clear your name?

Twitter: @fionapearse

My favourite character in The I.T. Girl is Boris Briggs. He was the easiest to write, his dialogue just flowed, and I almost feel like I could write a sequel making him the main character. His name was inspired by Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, as the story just forming in my head around the time of the mayoral elections, though that’s where the similarity ends. Boris Briggs, a James Bond fan, so prone to introducing himself with his surname followed by his full name, is one of those managers whose ineptitude causes more harm than if he were deliberately malevolent. With a good sense of humour he fancies himself as a buddy manager, someone who can be in charge and still be liked. But he's also driven by ambition and insecurity and somehow senses the only way he'll survive is by keeping in favour with the right people. "Know the rules of the game, Orla” he often chides the main character who gets on the wrong side of management when a bug in her code causes chaos on the trading floor. But when the time comes for Boris to protect his team in unfair circumstances, instead of standing their ground, he is easily bullied by upper management and in turn bullies his team. People have told me how well they recognise the character - I worry about their working environments! I've never been able to decide how much I like Boris, or how much I blame him for what happens in the story. There's something endearing about his need to be accepted and under normal circumstances, when things are going well in a company, Boris would be a good person to have down the pub and even to have as a manager. But in a dysfunctional environment when a team need a manager who will stand up for them, his weakness and lack of loyalty makes him a dangerous person. He was a fun vessel for such a story line.

Extract from Chapter 1:

    Fireworks peppered the white sky, celebrating the launch of our company's new manifesto and I rose with the crowd to cheer. Mime artists left behind their impressions to dance with the air while the head of Technology, larger than life on a wavering projector screen, jumped off stage to high-five the New York audience. Smaller projector screens on either side showed Sydney and Tokyo celebrating the same way, though they had the advantage of a night-time backdrop to the global event.    
    CouperDaye was known for its attention to detail and I was impressed with the supply of rugs on the January day, gratefully wrapping mine around my legs when I sat back down. Boris was still out of his seat whooping and cheering. Spotlights splashed colour on his face making his plump features seem clown-like. I nudged Sam, sitting in between us who responded with a downward glance. His shoulders were slumped and one foot kicked carelessly below the chair in front of him. I knew he’d rather be anywhere else than be exposed to the cult-management, as he called it. But with a crisp white shirt and dark tie he looked more like a bored managing director than a disillusioned programmer.
    Boris came back down with a thump. ‘How do you like them apples?’ he leaned across Sam.    
    ‘Boris get the – ’    
    Boris sat back before Sam could finish the sentence and still braying, patted his hair, preening a gelled clump into a twist.    
    It was 2 p.m. in London and only 9 a.m. in New York, but after the high-fives, Jerome Ross popped open a bottle of champagne.    
    ‘No thanks,’ I said to the waitress who appeared beside me at the same time with a tray of tall-stemmed glasses.    
    ‘You can stay for one, Orla,’ Boris sang.    
    ‘I have to go back. You can have mine,’ I said to Sam who finally moved to let me pass.    
    I walked down the aisle trying to ignore the curious looks. I wanted to explain: I have to go back for my deadline. But I avoided eye contact and instead, tried to spot Cameron. He was in a row near the back with the other graduates. They looked like students on a bus; boisterous with traumatised hair. Our eyes met as I passed and I gave him a wink. He replied with a thumbs-up. It was his deadline too.    
    I made it past Security under the flower archway and on to the street. Our company slogans lined the park but they attracted little attention. The public were used to our logo and used to our name.    
    The project was on my mind as I rode the tube back to work. I came up into a square surrounded by buildings so symmetrical that it always made me think I was a figure in the architect’s model. From one manicured block to the next, I went over my check list.     Entering the world of CouperDaye, a slick lobby with smooth, reflective surfaces and low lighting, I walked over a below-floor rock garden, no longer staring down at the meandering path of flowers, as I had done in my first few weeks. Out of the lifts on the twentieth floor I passed a line of meeting rooms and turned into the east wing. Other financial towers stood in the 360 view, illuminated with the same florescent light that mildly strained my eyes, as I settled at my desk in a row of cubicles.     The afternoon went by in weekend silence. Everyone would be going home to change into their fancy-dress costume and then back to the party. I had brought my outfit into work. A chequered shirt, cowboy jeans and a straw hat – the easiest look I could put together. I completed my checks and then kicked off the software upload, which showed its progress with a bar inching its way across the screen. For a moment, closed in by the artificial walls and the hum of machinery, busy and still, I became aware of how at home I felt. I was where I was supposed to be and I loved my job. A beep told me the upload was complete. Come Monday morning our trading floor would receive new market data, courtesy of my code. I sat back, relieved. Of course something could still go wrong, you could never be a hundred per cent sure – but it was out of my hands now. Time to let my hair down. 

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Here's Caitlin's take on her life before the PARALLEL extra from DEMON INHIBITIONS, multi-genre fantasy/paranormal/mystery novel!

Demon Inhibitions

Gary Starta

Genre: Paranormal
Number of pages: 225Word Count: 83,000
Cover Artist: Exquisite Ebook Creations

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Book Description:

Most people don't travel to another universe to get a new job, house and boyfriend but psychic investigator Caitlin Diggs did.

Now she's living the life of her alternate self, working for the FBI's Preternatural Division where her first case just happens to include chasing a genetically engineered man hell bent on stealing souls. Well, there had to be consequences.

Book Trailer:

I am lucky to have a second guest here today, the author of the exciting book described above.  His heroine is Caitlin and like you or me she is concerned about looking older, and she loves her cat!  Here's what her day might look like!

A day in the life of Caitlin Diggs…
(before the parallel universe).

I always start the day squinting into my bathroom mirror. It’s been a ritual of my 30’s and each day I don’t uncover a new wrinkle or line is equivalent to the delicious sensation of biting into a chocolate chip cookie. Well, almost. I discover and uncover things, mostly people, for a living. My career path is rocky and winding, including a long stint as a Special Agent for the FBI. Now I’ve shifted careers into the private sector as a PI. I’ve also traded homes, leaving Manassas, Virginia for Salem, Massachusetts – a bewitching town if there ever was one.

I hope that sensation, the thrill of stopping a killer, will return in my new line of work. So far, the clients aren’t exactly pounding down the door but I’ve had one strange man solicit my services. It involves a case the local PD can’t crack.

Tonkinese kitten in its case at the CFA 2009 I...
As I continue standing in front of my mirror, the beginning of all my days lately, I look really hard into my sapphire eyes and try to decode the change I recently experienced. It happened after encountering an artifact. It gave me telepathy and telekinesis. The kind of gifts you don’t give as stocking stuffers at the FBI Christmas parties. It was the very thing that made me quit the Bureau because I can’t expect their protocols to fit my new and unexpected, alternate life style.

You would think a person who recently acquired abilities would be less concerned about crow’s feet or gaining a pound or two. In truth, I still consider the more simple things of life as most precious. I love my adorable Tonkinese cat, Celeste. She has the prettiest blue eyes and sweetest disposition until her Alpha senses kick in. In a way, she’s kind of like me because we both have soft underbellies beneath our hard veneers, the two sides usually competing for dominance. I actually used to practice leering so I could intimidate suspects. It comes automatically now so it’s one more thing I can check off my ‘to do’ list.

So is it weird I see some of myself in my cat? I guess I rely on Celeste as a crutch because I’ve left my sister behind in DC. I miss her although she can drive me crazy. I am career-oriented where she is couch-oriented. She is lucky she doesn’t live for the precarious types of thrills I seek.

Avoiding sugar for breakfast is another major plus. Celeste usually mewls at this point either in sympathy, adulation or just plain hunger. She loves salmon and I’m happy to provide for her.

After her feeding, I usually experience a knock on my door from the next door Wiccan, Briana McFadden. She talks shop about the locals and I listen because I am an inquisitive investigator, not some nosy, gossiper. I hope I’ve made myself clear.

Well, time to get down to work. Celeste is fed and Briana is off to the shops to buy herbs and all things holistic. I start surfing the Internet, looking for job leads. I ignore my sister Tara’s email urging me to improve my fashion sense. I am quite certain dressing in Earth tones is a fashion sense somewhere on this planet.

I answer my phone and it’s a call from my old friend Det. Stanford Carter. He needs my help to chase something he believes might be paranormal. He is the one of the few people I’ve taken into confidence. He is aware of my abilities and he thinks they might aid in the man hunt – or should I say demon hunt. I am yet to learn - despite my psychic ability - that this chase will literally change my universe and my usual routine will rarely involve staring into a mirror because in an altered reality I will meet my doppelganger and she will act as a living reflection of who I am.

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Mixing it up with Demons and Parallel Universes - Gary Starta

I always like to expand the genre as much as possible, stretch it like an elastic band until it threatens to break. My new release, Demon Inhibitions, incorporates paranormal suspense, urban fantasy, science fiction and romance. It also takes a look at demons in a new way, leaving behind some of the more stereotypical accounts we're used to finding in fiction.

What if not all demons were bad? What if some wanted to overcome their natures? Would humans still hate them all anyway?

Could a demon be inhibited? I created a character who has the ability to tame their urges. But this solution is not so simple when prejudice against the demons blind haters from allowing the possibility of peace and harmony.

Thrown into the mix of a demon/human segregation war, Agent Caitlin Diggs finds a new universe caught in the wake of a wormhole. Will Caitlin also see all demons as evil? Or, can she differentiate allies or enemies in her new world?

I hope you'll take the journey with Caitlin into a new universe where even demons desire home, jobs and family.


Grant’s ruggedness gave me strength. The notion that I would be
flying in single engine plane brought back the wave of nausea I had
experienced when I first experienced my cold symptoms. Only the cold
symptoms were gone, along with any dizziness one might feel when
imbibing a cup of murky green cold medicine. I couldn’t explain this. I
couldn’t explain a lot of things. Yet an eyeful of Grant gave me courage,
even inspiration. Robust and bright eyed, Grant possessed a pair of broad
shoulders and a six-foot three-inch frame, nicely packaged in a gray
pinstriped designer suit. Sea green eyes peered at me, hungry, curious for
answers. Carter must have laid it on thick concerning my psychic skills. Did
this man have every confidence in my clairvoyant abilities, or did he just
want to jump my bones? Hard to tell, I thought, staring out a window at the
murky brownish colored sea below us that was nothing as effervescent or
alluring as Charles Grant’s eyes. Yes. It had been a long time since I dated.
And my horizontal dance with incubus boy didn’t count. Youth is nice but
this man could be a walking definition of the “whole” package.
Charming as well, he comforted me straight away as we lifted off.
“Don’t worry Ms. Diggs, the Cessna 400 is the most reliable single engine
piston powered-plane on the market.” I smiled with the alacrity of a mental
patient when he accentuated the words “piston powered.” Yes, much too long
without the company of a man. I unconsciously began to fan myself although
the cabin temperature had been cool enough, in fact quite a welcome relief to
the ninety degree plus weather outside.
So he could immediately pick up on my worries and needs. Maybe
just a coincidence, I told myself, still foolishly fanning myself with a Chinese
takeout flyer I had dug out of my purse. And merely coincidental I found him
irresistibly attractive. No, this isn’t about falling in love at first sight. Nooo…
Then he put his hand on my knee, and I felt my heart thump.
“You know,” he began, “if you need privacy to conjure up your
vision or dream state, I can go sit with the pilot.”
“Oh, no.” I nearly screamed it. His eyes told me he either realized my
phobia of flying in small aircraft had been a ploy to garner his attention or
perhaps a real deep seated fear, one which might invite a panic attack.
“Okay, then,” he said. His voice became gentle and lilting in reaction
to my squawk. “I’m not going anywhere. It’s just that it’s imperative we get
a lead, any kind of lead to stop Mollini.”
“Yes,” I said staring into his sea green eyes. “I know what it means
to be desperate… I… uh, mean, desperate for a break on a case.”
“Now do you?”
I wondered how Grant could not recognize me. Surely, he must have
at least heard my name. I had had the best arrest/conviction rate in the
Bureau. But I realized it would be best if he continued to think of me as a
civilian—which I now was. The Bureau hadn’t been kind to me lately. And I
had left in large part because I believed they would never accept my gift; or
how I had come to acquire it.
“Oh, I just watch a lot detective shows,” I said.
He laughed, hopefully swallowing my lame-assed explanation.
So he possessed an open mind, at least when it came to crunch time.
That point in a case where you would rub a bald man’s head for luck if it
brought you any closer to apprehending the perp.
“Then we probably realize we’ve got to make a stand.”
I could tell by the way he said it that even he didn’t give it much
chance of success. And his gaze fell away, distant, probably counting the
number of colleagues who would be fitted for body bags.
“Have you thought about an alternative?” I blurted out.
“I’m open to suggestion.” His eyes rejoined mine. Again, I could
literally hear my heart beat.
“I suppose following protocol would be best,” I said half heartedly,
my eyes fighting to disengage from his.
“I don’t want to pressure you. But do you have any inkling? Any hint
where Mollini might be ultimately headed?”
Shit, I thought. I sure as hell did. And now I couldn’t share with this
man, something my physical self desperately desired. And as I wallowed in
guilt, I began to question my sudden attraction to this man, the irresistible
urge to bare all with this man-damn it—the near uncontrollable urge to
unfasten the waist ties on my halter and bare more than just the truth. What
was happening to me? I thought about it for a few seconds.
Perhaps Grant believed I had fallen into a psychic trance. If so, that
would buy some time. I stared, pensive, eyes trained on the floor, playing the
stereotyped crystal gazing psychic to the hilt. And I realized that along with
my vision, came my ability to read people. My empathic gift had come back
as well. Possibly this power seemed so overwhelming to me because I had
spent the last few weeks living as a shut-in. As if black clouds suddenly
rolled away exposing a radiant, blinding golden blast of sunshine, I could
read the goodness of this man, not only see his aura but also feel it.
Intoxicated, I realized the reconnection to my feelings and emotions had
caused sensory overload. Maybe that’s why I had nearly succumbed to
infatuation when I should have been plotting how to stop Mollini.
But first things first, I had to misdirect Grant. It would be for his
good. And mine as well, from a selfish standpoint. Whether my lust had been
organically or paranormally stimulated, I genuinely perceived Grant to be an
honest and caring man. I could not lead him to his slaughter. And with that
realization, came baggage. I also could honestly say that one part of me
really didn’t care if a butt load of FBI agents went down fighting. That part
of me, the self-righteous, self-absorbed portion, would say they had it
coming, foolishly attempting to combat a supernatural power with
conventional weapons, and in the process only making the perpetrator
stronger. I only cared about Grant’s safety—his sea green eyes, melt-me-inhis-
mouth kind of safety… Shut up, I told myself, trying to disconnect the
imagery. I had to quell that voice. That would be the voice of pride
speaking—and possibly the voice of lust as well. And while I was in full self
diagnosis mode, it was a voice that needed to feel justified for leaving my
FBI career. A voice that said they would regret allowing me to resign. Shut
up, I said again, more forcefully. Who am I kidding? I am replaceable. Even
this wonderful agent doesn’t recognize me.
Time to get a grip, Caitlin, it’s time to do your job. You didn’t join
the Bureau for glory, I told myself. You did it because you had no other
choice; the job was already part of you—it never needed to become part of
you. You and the job were already symbiotic. Okay, so now it’s time to do
the job. Despite the fact I was no longer FBI, I would think like I was.
Unconventional, that’s how I solved the lion’s share of my cases. I would use
my paranormal abilities to combat Mollini’s. It all sounded so simple, in
theory. I would stick to the plan. I let my eyelids flutter as if the vision were
ending. And I spoke.
“I think I have a lead. I see where Mollini will make his stand.”
As Grant’s eyes bore into me for detail, I glanced away for a second,
to catch the time.
“Where are we now?” I asked.
“Somewhere at the end of New England, and the beginning of the tristate
“That’s good. You’ll continue on—without me—to this address.” I
rummaged through my cluttered purse, amazingly pulling both a pad of paper
and pen in my first attempt. I wrote the address down, tore off the sheet from
the pad and handed it to Grant.
“That’s where you can get Mollini. He’ll need to replenish himself
there.” Grant stared at me. “Yes, with souls from living bodies,” I said in
reply to his polemic gesturing. “He’ll need a mass killing. But he’ll be
vulnerable for a window of time. You and an attack team might be able to
take him down, even without firing a weapon, possibly in hand-to-hand
combat. Although,” I quickly added, “I wouldn’t recommend that.” And even
though I knew this encounter would most likely never happen, I couldn’t bear to see Agent Grant get caught in Mollini’s demonic grip.

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