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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Sexy, Suspense of Angelic Artiaga

Angelic Artiaga has some sexy, suspense novels she would like to share with those who dare.

Reviews: “Unflinchingly realistic...another stunning achievement.” –Cosmopolitan “Beautiful and exciting with a hot and electric twist.” – Entertainment Review Indulge in a double-dealing of seduction at its finest! Enjoy two sexy adventures that are filled with provocative pleasures.

First~ Take a Caribbean cruise to ecstasy with an unsuspecting Terrance, a newly single and horny man who finds himself caught in the sites of beautiful and sultry strangers. On vacation and celebrating his new found freedom from his ex-wife, he is ready for whatever the wind blows in his direction. But when he realizes that he has been hunted, targeted, and that a trap has been set; will he think twice about what to do next or will he throw caution to the wind and gladly swallow the bait?

Next ~ A sexy young bride is constantly left home alone while her workaholic husband spends most of his time at his job site. Forced to face her twisted fears of invisible things that go bump in the night, her imagination drives her to the land of insanity. Terrified of every sound and shadow in her big house, what will she do when one of those shadows comes to life? In a provocative and violent fight for her life, she finds herself standing at a Sinfullicious crossroad; one road leading to immortality, and the other to the dignity of a wife.

And then~ FIRST TIME EVER!! A BONUS FEATURE LIKE NO OTHER! A book with a sexy MOVIE at the end! #SINFULLICIOUS 1-CLICK NOW ~ THE WAIT IS OVER Angelic Artiaga ~ #Sinfullicious is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon Show some love ... Don't forget to drop a review!!!

I also have a blog -- "The Quality of Life is Only as Good as the People in it..." Ciao, Angelic

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