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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mark Shaffer's Enigma Series is launched and in Kindle space!

I welcome Mark Shaffer to the Writers' Blog. A science fiction novelist, Mark shares his latest project and continuing series...Crimson Enigma!

Come aboard the new "Freedom III" Space Station for out of this world adventure! Once there you join up with the Agents of ISIS as they uncover the what and why of the problems that are plaguing the Station during its opening ceremonies and afterwards. By the time the first Agents arrive on the sceen there has already been sabotage and mysterious murders. Help the members of the Space Station Investigations Bureau save the Freedom III Station, and the Earth!

Crimson Enigma opens with two Agents from ISIS Space Station Security investigating malfunctions and possible sabotage at the United Space Agency’s newest orbital complex, The Freedom III Space Station.   The investigators spend about an hour doing a routine safety check of the outer hull area.  The Agents think they may have found something so they head back inside the station to check their findings with the lab.  Moving into the clean room just inside the pressure hatch they begin to remove their space suits and stow their testing equipment.
As they remove their protective helmets the air lock of the sealed room explodes.  Their environment was being sucked out into the emptiness of space and they could do nothing to stop it.  It was all the two Agents from ISIS could do to not be swept away with their air and anything else that was not nailed down.
They tried to hang on to the contours and projections on the wall but they both knew what the out come would be.  As painful as it was Christine Walters could not help watching her partner and friend as he was wrenched from the once safe confines of the Station out into the vacuum of space.  There was very little that she could do for him as he floated farther and farther away.  Eventually Agent Walters strength ebbed away and she resigned herself to the same fate as her partner and released her hold on the Station. She thought of Mitch Hawkins, a dear friend of hers, and the words left unsaid as she drifted away from the Freedom III Station.  

For her there was only darkness…

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