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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dark Paranormal Romance from Karli Rush

Karli Rush is a new and upcoming Dark Paranormal Romance author. Please welcome her to the Writers' Blog and comments are always welcome!

Her first book and series is entitled Crescent Bound.  In Crescent Bound the protagonist, Alyssa, came to Karli with the teasing memories of a dream.  Alyssa is a witch and in her dream a witch is connected deeply with mother earth, so much so that each witch has an affinity to an element, earth, air, water, fire.  Karli let her imagination soar as the secret world of witches was born.  Karli weaved the world of witches and mundane humans together with realism that makes you look around your own world for signs of it.

With a modern day setting for the world of Crescent Bound Karli brings aspects to bear that you would not expect in a world of witches.  Drag racing is a focal point to the story and Karli brings this off without a hitch.  She continues her love of cars throughout the first three books.  

The characters of Crescent Bound are strong, entertaining, lovable, and Karli puts you directly in Alyssa's mind as you experience everything as it happens.  From the quirky random thoughts about life to emotions she has yet to understand fully.  The story of a young witch discovering herself and love is remarkable in its own right but then she takes you deeper into the dark side of the paranormal.  Gripping, heart-pounding, fun and enjoyable, Crescent Bound is a must read.

Karli is Cherokee and lives in the heart of Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma.  Her love for nature is a driving force behind aspects of her writing along with her experience and connection to the paranormal.  Karli currently has Crescent Bound (book one) and Raven Bound (book two) published on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and many other ebook retailers.  Book three, Demon Bound will be out around Halloween this year with Shadow Bound due hopefully by Christmas and then the final addition to this series is Ice Bound which is book one told by the point of view of the leading man, Marc.  The final book twists and turns within the story of Crescent Bound but brings a different perspective and new aspects of the story not seen in Crescent Bound that it is a fitting last book for the series.

Karli is currently working on a new series that she may preempt book three in the Crescent Bound series with the release of Pine Needles sometime in September.  This near future novel brings to life a completely unique and terrifying world where a mysterious Veil rips a city in two.  One half suffers the devastation of an earthquake while the other is thrust into another Realm, one filled with deadly being, plants and creatures.  Standing on one side of the veil is Rayden, he is safe and unharmed by the giant earthquake.  He stares at his love and fiance, Selene who is trapped inside the veil and running for her life.  She begins a fantastic and horrific journey of survival, discovery and understanding.  Selene will show you what it takes to discover who she is and that life is more than just surviving.

I hope each of you takes the opportunity to help Karli grow and share in her world of Paranormal Romance.

Special note these are best suited for 18+ readers.

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Hoping you enjoy a good read real soon!

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