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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Meet Author Rebecca Besser

For this first blog of 2012, I would like to introduce author Rebecca Besser. She has penned some apocalyptic stories involving zombies I'm sure you will want to check out.

Hi, I'm Rebecca Besser, author of the zombie novella, Undead Drive-Thru. I write fiction, nonfiction and poetry for a wide range of age groups and genres. I've been published over 140 times in various publications.

To learn more about me feel free to visit my website: or my blog:

You can also find me on Facebook under: Rebecca Besser or Author/Editor Rebecca Besser

I'm also on Twitter under: @BeccaBesser

Earth's End, a Scifi Apocalyptic anthology, is being released by Wicked East Press in Jan 2012!

My story, “The Olden Gears,” is included in Earth's End. Here's an excerpt:

“...Overnight the world has been bombarded with attacks by the elderly. On every continent, in almost every country, they’ve taken lives at will, showing no mercy...”

Looking out around him, he tried to decide how he was going to make it home. Almost every street was blocked off by accidents, and everywhere he looked, someone was being slaughtered; his attention focused back on the radio as they continued.

“...Medical experts are saying the cause of the outbreak and behavior in their elderly patients is linked to the chemical compound used in the ‘lubrication’ of the ReGen ‘parts’ surgically implanted; the chemical was supposed to act as synthetic blood. Once it leaks into the real blood system, it targets certain parts of the brain and triggers uncontrollable, aggressive behavior...”" ~ The Olden Gears by Rebecca Besser - Earth's EndWould you like to win a free copy of Earth's End?

On March 1st I'll be having a drawing to give away a copy of Earth's End signed by me (I'm also the editor). Everyone who comments on my Earth's End post at one of the stops on my tour will be enter into the drawing (one entry per person, per blog), so you have a chance to win at every stop along the way. The very last post of the tour will be on my blog and will announce the winner (on March 1st). So, stop by as many blogs as you possibly can to increase your chances to win a copy of the book!


  1. Gary-Thanks for posting this interview of Rebecca Besser! I'm her #1 stalker and I'd follow her to the ends of the earth! Oh, wait....LOL! ;-)

  2. I think you did follow me 'til the end of Earth! We're both in Earth's End! :D ;)

  3. Earth's End is now available on Amazon: