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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Birthing a New Series: The Lakota Brothers

Raven Wolf is a new author of Paranormal Romance. She shares a description of a forthcoming novel which will birth a series of six books.

Gary, first of all, I want to thank you for giving me an opportunity for being able to express how important it is as for a Native American writer to share the meaning behind my works. When I first began writing the” Lakota Brother’s series”, the original title was actually: “The Lakota Blood Brother’s Series” I began writing a diary to a man who I only knew in dreams. As an avid reader myself, I decided to flesh him out and the only way to do this was to create a story line for him, for us.

The Lakota Brother’s Series is a story that contains not only the spiritual, but cultural essence of a nation. A legend called, “The White Buffalo Calf Woman” is told to the audience - a story that was told many moons ago of a woman who brought the seven sacred rites to the people, thereby becoming the dominant figure of the Lakota Nation. This woman, Raven, a mother of three, runs from those who call themselves the “Chosen” which is a secret worldwide organization that has sent their best to track her and take her out.

Following her Lakota beliefs, struggling to stay alive, she flees from one state to another, heading to Night Fall, Colorado. There, she finds love. She begins to realize that dreams do come true even in the mist of darkness.

Michael Thomas was chosen by the Wakinyan (The Thunder Beings) to lead the pack. With just a mere glance, Raven and Michael fall into a deep love they have never experienced. Due to that one stare, something changes. She feels a strong connection for a man she hardly knows. Raven begins to find out the true identity of Michael, the man from her dreams. She begins to realize events are about to happen which will change her life.

Raven finds it hard to handle truth; that her creativity, with the power of the moon, will bring premonitions to reality. Afraid and not fully understanding this power, she runs once more, not from the “Chosen”, but from love instead. Michael is aware of the dangerous situation that Raven and her family are in. He is put to the test struggling with his inner emotions. He is unaware Raven is not just a regular woman. Soon, he’ll find out she is more then he bargains for. His senses heightened with anticipation, his interest grows for her. She is not like the women he’s used to.

He decides to become her protector. Under his rebel command, his Lakota brothers follow Raven wherever she goes. Unaware that she is being followed, Raven takes off heading to Pierre, South Dakota. That’s when Michael and his brothers begin to discover that Raven isn’t really alone in her journey; it seems that supernatural forces are escorting her. They are warriors of Lakota, Dakota and Nokota territories. Raven just happens to stumble into a town where they are visiting. Was this a coincidence? Or was it destiny that brought them together?

The “Chosen” continues to track Raven. These dark, sinister supernatural forces are skin walkers and they are far from home. They are an enemy that won’t stop or compromise.

In all six of the Lakota Brother’s series, Raven reminds the brothers of what was long forgotten and needs to be brought back in order to live again. There will be many struggles - fighting evil and working side-by-side with a government that has no control of natural forces or understanding of the spiritual realm. 2012 is coming. Many things are beginning to shift. Many must unite by putting their differences to the side for the survival of human kind. Those who were enemies become close allys. The brothers must learn the meaning of what it is to be true warriors. By bringing back the old ways and blending them with the new, Michael begins to learn the true meaning of his existence. In the same time, he begins to understand the true meaning of unconditional love. Through Raven, he begins to unlock her hidden secrets that soon will be revealed when the moon is full.


  1. Looks like an interesting story Would be a good read.

  2. This does look interesting - I have a Cherokee background amoung others and finding stories of Native Americans in fiction is always a nice discovery..

    And sci fi is even nicer.