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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A New Publishing Option for Indie Authors

I came across this publishing service - geared for indie authors - during a visit to Good Reads. Amelia was happy to provide a description of her publishing service known as EZRead. In a publishing reality where many books are now both independently and electronically published, I felt this information would be good for the readers of my writers' blog. – Your Friendly Online eBookstore and Publisher

There was a time, not too long ago, when independent writers were shunned for taking the uphill road less traveled, and digital books were viewed as 21st Century fads that would fizzle-out as mere gimmicks for the digital era. First impressions can be misleading, though.

Today, independent authors can be seen on New York Times Best Seller lists, and eBook sales are steadily increasing while paperback and hardback book sales are dropping. My my, how times change fast.

My name is Amelia, and I’m a bookaholic. Lucky for me, I work for the online eBookstore,, that has a love of independent authors and books in the digital era that match my own. As a publisher of indie authors, EZRead’s goal is to give indie authors the same chance at success that mainstream authors have.

Realizing that indie authors have their work cut out for them, we at EZRead do our best to help promote indie authors. Displaying indie books alongside mass market books, providing book reviews, author interviews, and creating special sales/promotions – these are just some of the ways that EZRead gives our indie authors more exposure. Our authors may be independent, but they don’t have to work independently. We’re here to help.

Getting work published with us is as easy as creating a log-in, and selecting the Publish Book icon. It is really that simple. There’s no need to cry over rejection letters with us. We send indie authors a contract to keep for their records, covering all of the EZRead stipulations. Authors have no fees in publishing, no fee for ISBNs, they receive 70% of their book sales, have an opportunity to publish on iTunes, retain all of the rights to their books, and receive promotion through reviews and interviews.

In addition, since EZRead was founded with the intention of breaking the rules of format restrictions on eReaders, indie authors have their eBooks published in formats that are accepted by the majority of eReaders, finding books easily, listed under our Indie Author Marketplace section.

We like to think of ourselves as your friendly online eBookstore, which is why we communicate with our authors and readers via email and social networks. EZRead doesn’t discriminate against any authors who want to publish, so feel free to dry those tears of rejection. As long as the rights of the books, novels, short stories, poetry, etc. are owned by the author, original and not illegal, then the work will be accepted and published. In short, nearly anyone can publish with us at EZRead.

So, say good-by to rejection letters, and say hello to your friendly online eBookstore and indie publisher, Follow us online on Twitter, Facebook, GoodReads, or drop me an email at to get more information.

We look forward to meeting and publishing with you.
EZRead Staffer, Amelia

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  1. Is EZread still in business? I have a book I want removed after I was told that many of their features were "suspended". Sorry to bug you on your blog, but I'm desperate and can't get any help.