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Monday, September 12, 2011

Out of this World Blog Tour Begins soon!

OUT OF THIS WORLD BLOG TOUR BEGINS....Sci fi/Romance authors will be guest posting on these blogs...Come and visit and maybe win a free book... September 16 Greta van der Rol at the Cerebral Writer September 17 Paula Dooley at Amber Norris’ blog September 18 Gary Starta at Melisse Aires’ blog September 19 Frances Pauli at Paula Dooley’s blog September 20 Amber Norris at Joe Vasicek’s blog September 21 Lilly Cain at Anne Kane’s blog September 22 Joe Vasicek at Frances Pauli’s blog September 23 Lisa Lane at Gary Starta’s blog September 24 Melisse Aires at Lilly Cain’s blog September 25 Anne Kane at Lisa Lane’s blog Let's make this year's tour even better than the last!

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