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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Praise for Gods of the Machines, romance/sci fi/crime

What Humans are Saying
About Gods of the Machines

“Gary Starta has his own style, and he is destined to be among the greatest names in science-fiction literature…his description of the characters and the environment of the new planet is so rich that he make us cheer for our heroes and participate in his fiction as if we were there, living the moment.”
- Roberto Mattos - Books and Movie Reviews

“Gary Starta fleshes out his futuristic tale, Gods of the Machines, with a kind of robot romanticism. Starta's novel drew me in with both his ongoing dichotomy between robots and humans, and this subtle sexual tension between all of the male and female characters. It was like crime/science fiction…”
- Monique Muro –

“This novel explores the relationship between man and machine as it sends chills up your spine, while introducing sizzling romance.”
- Geraldine Ahearn – Geri’s Reviews

“Gods of Machines offers readers something from almost every popular genre. Characters that you love, hate, or really make you think. Sexual tension, romance, heroics, adventure, creatures, and science keep you turning the pages. The descriptive prose Starta pens is entertaining and wonderfully imaginative.”
- Jennifer Chase – Award Winning Crime Author

“Occam's razor should never be accepted so quickly. ‘Gods of the Machines’ is a fun and hard to put down science fiction thriller, recommended.”

- Midwest Book Review

Starta's writing style is fluid and precise. He very effectively creates another world for the reader to climb into, and paints emotional scenes that are hard to let go off. After the first few pages, the pacing is perfect, the characters are compelling and the author steps out of the sometimes stiff genre of science fiction, and gives readers a heart pounding romance with a sense of "what the hell is going to happen next?"
- Natasha Larry, author and reviewer

Gods of The Machines exhibits Starta's finesse for blending mystery, murder, romance, and adventure. His writing demonstrates a quality previously only exemplified by my favorite author, Jules Verne, where the reader is sucked into a mythical world that leaps from the pages. Starta's spellbinding imagination is magnificent and his dynamic character of Sam Benson offers a page turning read that draws the reader into the pages of this fantastic talea
- At Your Fingertips Reviews
Gods of the Machines and his latest book can be found at Gypsy Shadow Press.

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